#1 Solid Floss of the Month

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This is a set of 15 solid colors. 8.7 yards 6 stranded floss wound on a micro spool, these 15 colors are from top to bottom, left to right:
Attar of Roses 1221
Attar of Roses 1223
Attar of Roses 1225
Attar of Roses 1227
Attar of Roses 1229
Attar of Roses 1231
Attar of Roses 1233
Attar of Roses 1235
Yellow Spice 4161
Yellow Spice 4163
Yellow Spice 4165
Yellow Spice 4167
Kail 3361
Kail 3363
Kail 3365

2 reviews for #1 Solid Floss of the Month

  1. Jcash (verified owner)

    Such gorgeous colors and the silk quality is perfection! So soft, yet strong and easy to stitch with for any project. So happy to see the solid color collections come back in the store!

  2. Luv2stitch2 (verified owner)

    Excited to see the solid FOTM collection!

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