Anna Sophia Bircham 1871


This is the DMC to HDF conversion for HATS Anna Sophia Bircham 1871.  30 micros, and this silk floss packet comes with the conversion list.   This should start shipping Saturday as it’s being micro’d as we speak.

This was pre-sale ONLY!  If you did not call it in the forum nor wrote me to get on the list, please do not purchase this.  I will have to refund your money as I do not believe that I have any leftovers.  I am taking calls for a second run, so you can drop me a message to let me know you want to be on the next run list.

I have a list of pre-calls – if you think I don’t know your forum name, put it in Comments.  If you have any questions/problems drop me a line before your purchase.

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