What is UP with the Russian spammer??

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      Can you block her? Ban the name?
      Sorry…I’m easily annoyed by spammers. 😂

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      I am surprised the post made it past the spam filter. Usually I check first thing every morning as I am 4 hours ahead of EST, and mark them as spam (filter catches them and marks them as pending moderator action). I guess the spammers also have R&D teams designing ways to get past filters and blockers 🤬

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      I seem to always get them in my emails every morning or see them on the boards. You’d think the Russian would trigger the spam filter. Thanks @veena

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      It is supposed to. Why it doesn’t always work, I haven’t a clue. Every day the filter blocks dozens of email address that end in .ru, but occasionally one still gets through and posts in Russian.
      EVERYONE has the exact same problem – we used to even get it in the old forum. At least with this software we can mark it as spam and no one can see it but the mods. On the old one I had to go find it and delete it and then manually delete and block the person.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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