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      Robin Harvey
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      I got my first ever order at the end of the week. Along with the new variegated FOTM, the rubbed micros, I got some of the primitives. Love them allllll….

      I’ve recently started doing mono-color samplers, so am excited to try these to find which exact one I want to use. As I have a couple of large projects going, it will be a while before I am ready to buy enough of one to start my next LDS. Almost definitely a red or blue, but there are so many options in those alone!

      While I don’t know who posted in either Stitch Maynia or Cross Stitch Unlimited on FB, I’m so glad you did! These are lovely!

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      You are going to love stitching with them! In addition to gorgeous colors and high quality, they are the only silks I can afford to keep collecting. That’s always a plus! They bring me much pleasure 🙂

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      Welcome to HDF Silks Robin! It’s hard to decide which color to use first. Heeheehee

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      There were some great colors in the FOTM! Nice choice.


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      Welcome from another Robin! I vote for one of the blues. But you can’t go wrong with any of the Rubbed colors!

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      Welcome!!! It’s so fun to order and then get my envelope and drool over all the lovely goodness!!

      I think the first overall BIG project I do will most likely be blue. That Indigo Ocean is really calling my name!! Plus I got the Papa chart that…I can’t remember who.. did in all the blues. I think I’m going to do what Heather did and go all reds..MAYBE.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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