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      I have been swamped with dyeing and the Mini Forum. It wasn’t the amount of dyeing – it was that GoldRush (of all colors!) was the hardest color in the world to get. I ended up having to dye in a layered technique and while that is very effective for such a difficult color, it does mean that there isn’t any SSR dyed for GoldRush 4233 or 4235. 6 stranded mini’s are going out for those two colors and if that doesn’t work for you at all, drop me a line and we’ll work that out..
      On the positive side, I felt the two lighter Zinnia’s were not a really good match last month and in the GoldRush quest, we got Zinnia 4239 which will be going out to any one who got it last month.

      So if you were in a dye queue for something else, GoldRush held me up terribly. But all the Solid FOTM and the Mini Forum are now dyed and everyone should be shipping out in the next day or two. Hooray.


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      Thanks for the update. It’s interesting to hear some of the day-to-day as to how the business works. Leah

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      Melissa W Lawson
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      I was the GoldRush hoarder on the mini’s!!

      All good, Vikki! Thank you so much for your beautiful silks!

      Many hugs!

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      It’s so interesting to learn what colors turn out to be the roughest to nail down. From an outsider’s perspective they seem to be rather simple. It just goes to show (yet again) that there is a precise method to your dye mastery.

      Thank you!


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