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      As so many new folks are discovering HDF, we see several questions being asked about opening/closing calls and ordering/paying. This post is to take the mystery out of the mini forum.

      Mini is a spool on which I wind HDF silk, either 25 yards of six-stranded (6SR), or 150 yards of single stranded (SSR). Ten minis make a hank.

      If you want a full hank (10 mini’s) or half hank (5 mini’s) of the same color, you can order directly from the main shop. But if you want less than 5 minis of a color, you go to the mini forum.

      This is where you get to split a hank with other buyers. In general, once 10 (or multiples of 10) minis are called, I close the topic and dye the hank(s).

      The mini forum is meant to be fun and uncomplicated, a place to dream up new color combinations, or to stock up on old colors. This is one of the things unique to HDF – here you can create any variegated color you want and I will dye it. You can also, of course, call solid colors.

      If there is already an open topic for your color, post a reply in that topic with the number of minis you want. Both 6SR and SSR minis can be called within the same topic. Make sure to specify whether you want 6SR or SSR. If you do not specify the strands, you will receive 6SR.

      If you don’t see your color in the forum, start a new topic and specify the color name in the topic title. You can either use HDF name and numbers, or DMC numbers. All topics should be for 6SR. Those who want SSR can call their minis within the same topic.

      Did you know you may even create your own “twist” using the DMC colors? Choose two, three, or four colors, braid them and post the photo (if you can) in your call. I will dye the call using the HDF colors/names. If you don’t have the floss to take your own photo, start the topic anyway without a photo, and someone or other will help with a photo. Photos are not essential to start a topic, but they do generate interest and more callers for the color.

      My undyed raw material comes single stranded. I combine them into six strands for the 6SR product. Even
      though a machine does this task, it is somewhat laborious and more time-consuming to make the 6SR. Hence, I typically dye 6SR only in hanks. And while I am dyeing 6SR, SSR is easy to custom-wind and dye in the same lot.

      The topic stays open till it fills to 10 (or multiples of ten), 6SR minis. As stated above, I dye 6SR only in multiples of ten. You may leave it open till any multiple of ten, but I probably will not dye it till the thread closes. This way all the minis are in the same dye lot.

      SSR calls can be any number from 0 to whatever, they don’t have to reach any particular number.

      If available, ANYONE may feel free to post photos of minis, sample tags, skeins, WIPS, finishes, etc. that show the colors of the silk being called. It helps those who are new to HDF.

      The moderators and I are closing topics. When the thread is marked “Closed” no one can create any more calls for that color. Then I go in and move that thread to the Closed Mini Forum and make my dye list.

      You do not have to order right away every time a thread is closed!! I don´t expect you to be paying $4.00 shipping every time you turn around. I also realize that sometimes you’ll place an order, and two seconds later a new call is opened for a must-have color! It’s expected and normal. So here are my guidelines to make this easier for both you and me:

      You can order as soon as you open a topic or call minis on someone else´s topic. You can order as many minis as you want, whenever you want. Everything in the Mini Forum is going to eventually get dyed. I will dye it when the thread closes (or sooner if I have time).


      You can order whenever you are ready to order and pay for some or all of your minis (so long as the wait is reasonable).

      So what’s a reasonable time to wait before ordering?

      I will hold the dyed minis for 30 calendar days before I place them on the Sad Orphans pile (more on orphans later). So…YOU HAVE 30 CALENDAR DAYS FROM THE DAY THE TOPIC CLOSED TO PLACE YOUR ORDER.

      This means – If you call more minis after placing an order, you may wait a while to place the next order. However, once you have placed multiple orders, please do not ask for shipping refunds. Shipping is already subsidized because my actual shipping cost is $7 or more per order (as it all goes Priority Mail). Besides, HDF is a 2-person operation; my husband Bob and I handle everything from ordering raw materials, winding, dyeing, spooling, labeling, packing, and shipping. Refunding shipping on Paypal is an administrative hassle that takes time away from other tasks. Therefore, there cannot be shipping refunds.

      To order your mini that are called in the forum:
      Click on Shop
      Click on Silk Floss
      Under Silk Floss on hanks or mini’s – select Options
      From the drop-down menu, choose 1 Mini, SSR or 6SR
      Choose quantity
      Select Add to Cart
      You should now see a green banner that says “(X) Silk Floss on mini’s” has been added to your cart.”
      Press View Cart
      Review Order
      If okay, scroll down and press Proceed to Checkout
      Confirm info
      If correct, scroll down to box that says “Order notes (optional)”
      IMPORTANT! In this box list all the information about each mini you ordered. INCLUDING the quantity of each, color name and/or color numbers. The total here should match the total quantity you ordered above. (The box can be resized, just drag the right bottom corner.)
      Once complete, press Proceed to Checkout
      Review and proceed to Paypal. (Paypal is your invoice!)

      Orphans are abandoned minis. People called them in the forum and then didn’t order. It happens. Orphans get tossed into the orphan tub and Barbara and Veena get to split them. Jokes aside, they do get tossed into a tub. At some point they will be available for purchase at checkout, (my choice of color) or in the Points Shop.

      Psst… Have you noticed the points under your name when you post? I wonder what that business is all about? (Ya might want to start collecting points….) Stay tuned…

      Hopefully this takes the mystery out of calling, twisting and placing your order. Don’t over think it, participating is meant to be easy and fun.

      who sincerely wants it to be fun and easy!

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