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      As you all know, the March Rubbed colors are all listed in the Mini Forum now. Since they went up a few days late, they will stay open a few days longer. We’ll close them late on Sunday 28 Feb/early on Monday 01 March. The April Solid FOTM will still open on Sunday night and those will be the darker Kodiak Bears, the Zinnias and the JewelWeeds.

      Also, as you might have seen, due to popular demand Vikki is releasing the first and third month’s Rubbed FOTM colors in the shop. Since we did not run the first month of Rubbed colors through the Mini Forum, we are doing so right now. They are now open and will remain so until Wednesday, 10 March. These are the gorgeous colors in the photo below. They are waiting for you in the Mini Forum!

      Thanks, Heather


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      Woot! 🤩🤩🤩

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      Ha!!! Yippee!! I actually took the picture today and cropped it so I could called the Rubbed Aluminum, Grey and Black again!!! Now I don’t have to bother!!

      Thanks Heather and Vikki!

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