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      Hi, trying to decide if these two colors are close to each other. Does anyone have both that they can take a picture of them side-by-side? The wood rose was Quince 1403/05/07


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      Hi Linda,

      The Rubbed Light Pink is a new color and hasn’t yet been dyed and mailed out yet, so no one has it yet in its present form. The closest that is out there right now I believe is the Conch conversion in the Winter Rose Manor kit, but that color is missing the Winterberry wet spray, so even that won’t be totally the same.

      That said, the components of Rubbed Light Pink are Quince 1401/Fagales 4455/ws Winterberry 1421, so it will be quite different from Wood Rose, which is a straight up variegated Quince.

      Hope this helps!


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      thanks Heather, appreciated!

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