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      I am winding floss on micros. I found quite a few reds without labels. They were in small hanks with enough thread to fill 2 or 3 micros. They look like the OMG red series. Do you think these could have been bought as “carrots” under the former system? They were not packaged in any of the standard ways. Gorgeous threads and I have a lot more reds than I realized so that was a nice surprise.

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      Kathy Wilson
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      I have a few of those mini hanks as well. I think Vikki sent them out in orders, possibly as carrots, or if you asked for them. IIRC, there were 5 or 6 different hanks and were right around the time that the OMG was being created.

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      I believe those came in D-bags. If I remember correctly they were ends or extras. A set price for each bag and you never knew what you’d get.

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