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      I have a question about purchasing the minis when I live in Pennsylvania. If I purchase some but “gift” it to a friend in New Jersey And have it mailed there, can that work?

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      @VikkiHDF would have to answer of course…but I would think if she can’t get a sales tax number for PA, she can actually ‘SELL’ to you. As in you couldn’t check out on the site??

      Might be a thing where you have to send $$ to another buyer with similar sales tax and then maybe have them make the order, pay and then she might ship directly to you(?). I’m just spitballing’ here. Vikki will have to give you the definitive answer. Good luck.

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      I can ship anywhere in the United States as you only have to collect sales tax (at my level) from the state you ship to. I’m so tiny I do not have to collect sales tax from any other state as I don’t have a presence there.
      So absolutely anyone anywhere in the world can buy anything they want on the site and have it shipped anywhere in the United States (except PA). This way you can also use your cards on PayPal, billing address, etc etc. Nothing illegal about that!

      who’s keeping it all legal!

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      Ahhhh… makes sense. I was thinking sales tax but then if I look back you don’t charge sales tax! D’uh moment.

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