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      What I’m trying to do – add more flexibility and ease to posting, adding pictures, and having a gallery on the site.
      To increase to this functionality I had to install a Facebook like interface, with the forums as part of that.
      If you’re already registered here, you can click on Users and join the HDF Group. I think that gets you everything. The stuff along the top – not sure yet but I’m sure all will be revealed as we continue down this path.

      Our plan is to continue the Mini Forum. We may dye sets of colors on mini’s and sell them under the new Odds and Sods category on the front page but we aren’t seeing the possibility of carrying all the colors again on micros.


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      Sim Swank
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      Sounds good to me, thanks Vikki! Looking forward to all the possibilities. 🙂

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      Since is wasn’t stitching when you had this party the first time…. I am here for the ride! Wherever it takes me! Thanks for starting this all up again Vikki!

      Edit: because I have been spelling Vikki’s name wrong all along. Apologies!!

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      Would love to see sets of colors offered especially solids like Earth Stars, Pennywort, Haywains, etc.

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      Micros will be a while. I have to commit to 80,000 micro spools and we literally are not there yet.


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      I opened a thread and it is now at 11 committed. Do I close it? Change the Title to show 11? or 10? I am a little lost.

      I also want to add 1 more of another color to my claim which will put that one at 10 as well. Do I just make another line for me and add 1 more and then close it?

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      @christinal, leave the first one open to see if there are more takers.

      For the second one, you can edit your original claim post to call 2 minis instead of 1.

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      bumpng info

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