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      Hi Vikki & Team – For those of us new to Vikki’s threads, is there a color chart somewhere so I can figure out what to call?

      Thank you!

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      @ggggaea…. The best place to see lots but not all of the colors is to click on @luv2stitch2’s name here and open her profile. Scroll down until you see MEDIA listed. Click it. Once it opens, scroll down again to see PHOTOS about (131). Click that. It will open with cones and then you’ll see all the solid colors in sets and she lists the numbers in the comments. When you hit the end of the line hit LOAD MORE. I just keep swiping left for all the yummy goodness!!!

      I don’t think that is all the solid colors by far and not a lot of the variegated ones, but loading all those takes quite a while. That should get you started!

      Have fun drooling!

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      All the solids are up. (If you’d like to just look at the solids, select that folder.)

      As for the regular line variegated HDF…It’s slow going.

      No definite plans to load all the custom combos I’ve purchased.

      Thanks for looking and hope it helps.

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      I also think there is a list on that Facebook Hand Dyed Fiber Fanatics, in the files section. I have to figure out how to get it over here.

      figuring it out

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      Thank you Ladies
      ! @Luv2stitch2 – I am drooling!!! What delicious footage. 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to post all this lusciousness.

      – Thank you but I don’t think the lists will help me too much because I don’t know the colors. I will choose some of the variegated from @luv2stitch2 and maybe my favorite DMC colors. I’m looking forward to building my HDF collection. 🙂

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      Thank you so much Judy! Who knew what temptation was lurking!

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      @handdyedfibers_l7nu4k Vikki, on the FB hand-dyed fibers page, click on files. On that page, to the right of each file you will see three dots … Click on that and you will be given the option to download the file to your computer. You can then upload it anywhere you want. 🙂

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      😂 @ggggaea

      LOL! I told you to get ready to drool!! It’s one gorgeous color after another!! Have fun!!!

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