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      Taking this out of it’s old thread – discussing the possibility of a micro forum.
      It would run just like the Mini Forum – you’d put up a color, I’d start by allowing it to be 6SR or SSR called on the same color thread, and you’d call the number and style of micros you want. Probably the same closing rules as the Mini Forum, holding it open till it languishes. Closed and moved by me so I can make the dye list.
      I simply could not dye a color till it reached 12. That would be the hard and fast rule, but it could be any combination of 12, of 6SR and SSR. The dyeing is a volumetric calculation and less than 12 is fraught with disaster. It’s easier and more cost effective to dye a higher volume so I don’t think there needs to be a top end number.
      Price Point: $3 for solids, $3.50 for variegated. Rough I know. But we don’t know if those tiny volumes would even go through the machine, and these micros all might have to be hand wound (a machine, but slower and a human interaction).

      So thoughts?


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      Yes please!

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      Love how you are so open and responsive to customers’ requests! I think it is safe to say that no other silk dyer in the market operates this way.

      This would address not only the kits but also those who may want smaller quantities of a color.

      Price point sounds very reasonable. Hopefully it compensates you for the extra effort and it is still a bargain for us.

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      Totally agree, a micro forum would be great and would address kitting up projects!

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      Sounds like a working plan for everyone! And while the current HATS design is not one I’m interested in, there are some colors I would like more micros of, but not necessarily minis. So if they show up on the list, I would call them there.

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      Awesome plan!

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      I’m easy…. I’ll work with whatever works for you Vikki. @handdyedfibers_l7nu4k
      Just make sure you are still making a profit. I can totally see the ease of kitting projects with micro’s. I bought some generic plastic sewing bobbins off Amazon to make small spools from my Mini’s, for kitting projects. I’m happy with whatever you decide!!

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