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      I know, it seems like an impossible task because we have so many favorites! But tonight, I was stitching with Dried Roses and I realized I try to work it into every project that I can. And after stitching with it all day today, I also realized that one of the reasons I didn’t want to stop (we’re talking lunch, supper, shower in that order) was because it really is my favorite! I’ve been stitching with it since 2006 based on my labels. It makes me feel good! 🙂

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      Interesting question……
      I have found that I use Examplar White Chocolate a lot! I even used it last year on a needlepoint canvas. It gives much more depth to a piece, versus white or ecru.
      Then again, I did an entire piece in Begrimed and another piece in Confetti….
      Yeah, impossible to pick just one!!

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      There are so many! I think Moon Called Sea is still one of my favorites. I did a band sampler a few years ago with that as the base color. I ran across it again when I was reorganizing, and it made me say “ohhh, pretty” all over again!


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      Interesting question! Since I don’t have many of Vikki’s solids, I tend to gravitate to the Rubbed colors and have been using them more since Vikki’s return. They play very nice together!

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      So hard to pick just one! However, mine would have to be Rubbed Bronze. I find I add it into nearly every piece I can, just like everyone else does with their favorites above.

      What is so interesting is how different our favorites are. Pink, white, teals/gold, browns…

      Vikki has so many gorgeous colors!


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      I’d have to pick Oil of Amber 4115 and OMG Red 1139 and 1141. Oil of Amber is one of the best complementary color in my book – coordinates well with almost any other color and enhances without overwhelming. And OMG Red – need I say more?

      Among the variegated, I’d have to pick Rubbed Sampler Red. Makes me happy every time I stitch with it.

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      OMOT Heart, hands down.

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      OMOT Heart is also a favorite! I came across it yesterday and was thinking I needed to find a project to use it on. :-). Of the OM series, OMOT Vineyard is my other favorite!

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      Sorry for the shouting…kinda, maybe, sorta.

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      Anything bright and BeRedded

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      Since I’m still new and haven’t used as many as you guys have yet… I have to go on just ones I’ve fallen in love with just looking at them so far.
      OMOTHeart is a HARD favorite!
      Fried Pickles has gone in several things.
      And I love the small I did with Mette Black!

      And Of course Perfect Red 6209!! I will always have a hank of that one!

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