I had a fun day today playing in my HDF stash….

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      I finally made the time today to inventory my mini and spool (from the olde days) stash. I am not even trying to deal with the skeins situation….
      I wanted a better idea of what I needed to order to fill in the gaps and my answer is a lot!!
      I have very little solid colors in minis, they are mostly in skeins and I am often afraid I will run short, so I think the responsible thing to do to avoid that is to order more minis.
      I see nothing wrong with that argument. πŸ™‚

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      My goal is to get the entire solids set because previously I bought solids for specific projects so I’m missing a lot. At this point, I’m sticking with micros because I’m squirreling away money for a family vacation next summer. And I also went through my stash last week and organized them to get a good feel for where I need to fill in gaps. Fun, isn’t it?

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      Sim Swank
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      I did this for my solids so I would be prepared to fill in the gaps. I like micros tho, it seems more folks prefer minis. My goal is to eventually kit up a bunch of projects with micros.

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      When I first started with HDF, I used to buy skeins for specific projects. As my pattern collection grew and I wanted HDF for everything, I signed up for the solid FOTM. Then I realized some solids are so beautiful and versatile, that I needed (wanted) them on minis.

      And custom variagated (twists) was a separate category (addiction).

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      I’d like the complete set of HDFs to replace my DMC – @handdyedfibers_l7nu4k is there any possibility of having the full range of solids in micros available to buy ‘on demand’ on the website, as an additional option to the FOTM?
      If I keep ordering minis for everything I will go bankrupt. πŸ˜‰
      Thanks, Gaea

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      The “on demand” option for now is FOTM. ROFL (My wallet thanks me….LOL)

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      @ggggaea… that’s why I order only the colors I know I’ll want more of on Mini’s. I’m sooo happy that became an option!
      Then I buy 1 set of the fotm on micros. Okay…sometimes 2. 😊

      …. that’s why I bought those plastic bobbins on Amazon. I can spool off enough to kit up a sampler and not have to drag my whole mini over to a bag. I hate doing that.

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      @cristing I too have been knee deep in inventorying my HDF collection. When Vikki wasn’t in production it wasn’t a priority, but now that she is back, it is very important to know what I have and what gaps I need to fill. I had a somewhat decent inventory that I built back around 2011, so it is interesting to see what I’ve used the most of, and what I’ve hardly touched. That has helped to guide what I’m currently stocking up on.

      I completely second that the responsible thing to do is to buy more minis!


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      Sim Swank
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      @jcash I’m lazy so I’ll just keep buying micros that are already pre-portioned and spooled for me. πŸ™‚

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      I only inventoried my mini spools and ultra fine micro’s and stored them into art bin boxes. My FOTM mincro’s (sold and variegated) are not inventoried and are ungraciously dumped into several shoe boxes. When it’s time to find a color that I need, I go dumpster diving into the boxes and spend more time playing with them than I am looking for the color(s) I need. I once made the mistake of putting said boxes on the top shelf on the wall. Never again. The box was too high for me to reach and too heavy and well, I got reacquainted with my silks real quick. πŸ™‚

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        What fun – dumpster diving for silk colors!!


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      Sim Swank
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      @suenope Silk shower! πŸ™ƒ

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