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      Vicki Treadway
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      I have my shopping cart loaded in the store but to calculate shipping costs it comes up with an error saying they are not shipping to my location. I have tried bypassing and going directly to PayPal but that doesn’t work. Anyone else had this issue?

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      Yes, right now Vikki cannot ship to PA because she hasn’t been able to get the sales tax license due to Covid.


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      Jane Hughes
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      Oh my goodness! I live in Pa also! Does that mean we can’t order at all?

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      Yes unfortunately it means until the state can issue my sales tax license for PA I can’t ship to any PA shipping address. I can of course ship to any other state and you can of course live in PA and have your order shipped to another state but sigh.

      who wants you to know this hurts her as much as it hurts you

Viewing 3 reply threads
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