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      Photos need to be 1MB or smaller in size. Here are a couple of ways to include photos in your posts.

      1) Taking a screenshot of the photo seems to be easiest way to upload directly from your phone. Once you have the screenshot, go to the Upload Attachments box below the post window. Click on Choose File, select Photo Library, and select your screenshot. Click Done. You will see the screenshot attached to your post.

      2) If you prefer to upload the real photo rather than the screenshot: go to Upload Attachments box below the post window. Click on Choose File, select Photo Library, and select your photo. At the bottom of your phone, an option pops up to Choose Image Size. Select Medium or Small (either will work). Click Done. You will see the photo attached to your post. To add a second photo, select Add another file (below the Choose File button) and repeat.

      3) If you have photos on your blog or some other website that are already 512kb or less, you can insert the photo directly into the body of the post rather than as an attachment. To do this, copy the url of the photo on your blog/website. Choose IMG in the top bar of the post window. A pop-up will appear asking for the URL. Paste the URL. This will insert the image into your post. I use this second option, that is why you see my pics within my post itself.

      Note: the instructions above are for Apple devices. I do not have access to Android, so if anyone has different tips for Android users, please reply to this post.

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      Thanks for sharing the instructions.
      I have an Android phone and do not have the option to resize in the upload, so the screenshot option is how I was able to post a picture.

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      Thanks for the instructions. I will be attempting to post from a PC when the time comes.

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      Lately… I’ve had trouble with my screen shots being too big now… worked before. So I used a trick I have used before with other things. I go into my picture file, Open the photo, then Email it to myself. You get to choose Sm-Med-Large or actual. That always gets it down in size. I generally pick med.

      Last ditch effort solution. But it should work.

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      Here is how I upload from my iPhone: (note: photo file must already be resized to 1MB or less).

      Upload photo to Media (under My Account).
      After uploading, click on the photo so it opens up in its own page.
      Press on the photo until options appear. Choose Copy.
      In your forum post, click on Img.
      In the url box, delete the http text and paste your own link.
      Submit post.

      This puts the photo in the body of the post rather than as attachment.

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