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      I have been trying to enter my billing address but in the field where it wants you to select a country the only 2 options appear to be USA and Qatar. I’m in Canada. Can anyone help? I tried typing in Canada but it wouldn’t accept it.
      Thanks for any info.

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      Hi Lynn,

      At this point, the cart is set up for shipping to US only (excluding PA) because international Priority shipping costs are very high and the $4 shipping is too low to cover it (it does not fully cover even US shipping).

      I live abroad too, so I get my package shipped to my cousin in the US. Some others here are doing that too. Hopefully you have a friend or family in the US who is willing to do this for you.

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      In case people are wondering about being able to ship to Qatar. This was because of me. Vikki had to mess with settings so I could see and logon to this website. She doesn’t actually ship to Qatar. I use a shipping service called Aramex. My packages are shipped to New York and then forwarded to me in the Middle East. This service cost me 12 US dollars because the contents are light plus a yearly subscription fee.

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      So technically I sell to anyone in the world, but I only ship to the US, all states except Pennsylvania. Even if you are in Qatar, you still can only have a shipping address in the US. I can set that country code up for anyone, if you can’t get through the blocks because of your billing address.

      Paypal is my payment processor, and I’m not even charging cards on my own at this point. So many rules about web sites and card processing changed while I was gone!!


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