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      Elizabeth Washburn
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      Help please.
      I placed an order and paid for it, but never found the box to put the colors and amounts of each in. Vickie has no idea of what i wanted. How do I let her know? Or does she know from the forum calls

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      You can message her through her FB page. If you are not on Facebook, just post them here.

      HDF Facebook Page

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      Elizabeth Washburn
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      Hi Vicky, when I put the order in I didn’t find the drop down box for the order so here is what I called.
      2 – 6 sr Rubbed Quartz, 1 -6 sr perfect red 6215, 1 -6sr perfect red 6213, 2 – 6sr perfect red 6217, and 1 -6sr jewellweed 3171 for a total of 7 Order #8837 on Nov 28.
      I hope this makes it a bit easier for you to figure out my mistake.

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      you list what you order in the Comments box. You have to keep track of what you requested. There is a way to find everything you responded to in the forum. That’s what I have to do when I order.

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      Oh it’s my fault. Paypal wanted me to put in express payment buttons and I did and now if you use that it speeds up your payment but it doesn’t give you a box to put the colors in.
      You can always drop me a line here, on Facebook or my email is

      who will also hunt you down and ask

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