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      I purchased the empty micros so I can wind my older silks on them. What would you recommend, or have you used, for adding labels to them? Thanks!

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      Linda, I’ve been using white athletic tape, just laying a piece over the micro and cutting it to size then writing the color on it with a permanent ink pen. I find that stays on better than the round labels, which have a tendency to fall off after awhile. Be warned though, athletic tape NEVER wants to come off, lol.

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      Avery label # 5410 – (12) 1” round labels per sheet, 50 sheets per pkg.


      Avery label # 5408 – (24) 3/4” round labels per sheet, 42 sheets per pkg.


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      I’ve used the 3/4″ round Avery labels for years. I’ve also used tiny rectangular labels (not sure of the item #’s) that I would fit onto the INSIDE of the mini spools. Bit of a pain, but the labels are out of the way.

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      I use the 3/4″ round Avery labels. They do tend to peel off after a few years, but I blame that on my futzing with them to tuck the loose end beneath them after each use. I just stick them back with glue or sticky rice. There are handy templates online that you can use to type in the floss details before printing them out.

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      thanks everyone! Instead of stitching last night, I spent 2 hours winding thread on spools. For now, they are in floss baggies with their original tags until I can get the Avery labels. And I need more spools!

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      Thanks for the number of the Avery labels!! @luv2stitch2! About a year back I bought a massive pack of standard mailing labels… I cut them into thirds for labeling my floss-away bags I use when stitching…. Soooo I decided to just use my punch to make round ones for the mini’s and micro’s. But I do add a tiny bit of Tacky glue to make them last!

      Funny story… the first few orders I got from Vikki arrived and almost all the bags had mini’s with floating labels! I think it was the heat maybe but nothing was labeled. Took a bit to mix and match!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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