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      I’m selling stash and sewing fabric to pay for my HDF stash. And the recent posting of rubbed colors has such great “staples” in the greens, brown and gold. Now I need to pull out more stuff to sell!!

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      Are you listing it online? Share the link?

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      I’ve been listing on stash unloading- cross stitch only (FB group) and the really good stuff has already sold. I mainly have odds and ends on charts and selling cheap. I’m a long time seamstress but have decided my days of sewing clothes are done and have been selling fabric/wools on various FB sites. Interesting that some of my fabric is old enough to be sold on a vintage sewing site and brings higher prices. 🙂 I have a lot of specialty threads that I will likely never use now that I can build my HDF stash, so that is the group I may look at next.

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      Gorgeous colors!!!!

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      I saw you there and thought that’s what you might be doing! That’s great!

      I have sampler color 14 ct aida I want to sell there, so that’s my interest..


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      heh he…It doesn’t help that I got the new iPhone 12 the other week and the photos of minis I now can take are now gallery worthy, lol.

      But Linda I know what you mean. My other stash purchases (linen, charts, other baubles) has gone to about zero since Vikki returned. It’s a good thing I’ve got enough stash to last me for several lifetimes!

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      Vikki, you have probably noticed, but fabrics sell very quickly on the site. I had a lot of small cuts from a defunct store and since I hadn’t used any of them in 8 years, HDF was good motivation to sell them. I have more…just need to sort through them. And Heather, other than a few sampler charts that caught my attention recently, like you I am focused on buying silks so that I am content when I retire. 🙂

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