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      I was so happy to see the solids posted that I placed my order and forgot I had called a French Artichoke and didn’t get it added to my order. 🙁 It just closed today so that gives me a month to get it added to another order. I need to start a little notebook for myself. 🙂

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      @lyarrow I use the Notes section in my cellphone to keep my orders organized. 🙂

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      I use a spiral bound set of 3×5 inch index cards to list what I have ordered and check off when shipped. If I fill up the card I have too many (sigh) ordered so I know to wait till later to call the next round.

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      And never feel pressured! They will sit here for you.


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      I use the back of my spiral 6×9 stitching memo book. I have 2 lists… FORUM CALLS and CART LIST. I write down when I call something…how many, color name, and type (6s/ss), and then I check each off with a red pen as they close and I move them to the cart list. I usually wait until I have at least 8-10 before I pay. Or Wait a bit if I know something close to being closed.

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      I know for sure I will be ordering the next set of solids and there are a couple of the open calls right now that are working hard to get me to commit…clever little spools 🙂 And thank you to Vikki for being so flexible so that I don’t feel guilty about not taking care of it right away!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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