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      This is subject to change and I go.

      In the order of when I found what…
      936 – examplar Hearthstone
      939 – nightmare
      924 – Gunmetal
      991 – dark blue green
      502 – blue green
      3371 – no conversion yet, probably one of the Kodiaks
      972 – chrysanthemum
      676 – liquid gold or yellow spice
      712 – tangerine 4301
      3765 – 2255/2219/2467
      731 – 3317/3329/3257
      832 – bewooded
      612 – bird feathers 4103
      3024 – earth stars 5215
      830 – bird feathers 4105 or rubbed bronze
      3823 – Primitive barn straw
      3777 – gandy dancer 1113
      501 – dark Evergreen
      3790 – french artichoke
      733 – Gloriana spanish moss
      3821 – gold
      3779 – fish pepper 4419
      3778 – terra potta 4319
      829 – rubbed chocolate 2
      3852 – lager
      928 – Magpie Twitters
      781 – examplar gilded cage
      927 – soft steel
      613 – rubbed cream

      The satin stitches will be silk n colors pearled blues.

      For the background on the peacock’s tail, I used Citrine for the symbol |

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      Your conversion is going to be stunning!

      I fell in love with this design and started on it in the called for AVAS colors as soon as it was released. Now of course I have zero desire to continue stitching it with AVAS and want to convert it to HDF and start over. Your conversion help definitely doesn’t help, lol. Oi, what to do?

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      This is primarily what I’ve been calling from… Except that finding some of these actual color names have been interesting.😂

      Like Chrysanthemum doesn’t exist on any file sheet. So I finally just DM seat it and it’s Koyie gold 4219!
      And I thought Abi had lost her mind picking ‘tangerine’ for creme…. only to see the lightest one IS creme!!

      I’m trying to pick the colors in the upper right hand quadrant first so I can get started stitching while I work my way towards other colors. Pinks are next but I’m a little worried that Vicky’s colors are not going to match up to these and I love these colors but they should be similar, I hope. 😁

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      Abi @abibellastitch I am assuming “runned” Choc V2 is a typo for Rubbed Chocolate V2, right? 😊

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