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      I added a 5 mini and a 10 mini option to the cart, and you can choose 6SR or SSR. This is in the same place where you choose the 1 mini option for forum calls.
      This option is if you want one color, 5 mini’s OR 1 color, 10 mini’s.

      making it easy

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      I posted about your fabric/silks on the Long Dog Pandemic page because your prices will make the project beautiful and low cost compared to other silk products. I love the color I chose for mine (not HDF) and I’m too far into it to switch, but this option will be great for my next Long Dog or other large monochrome. Thanks for making it easy!

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      Hooray! Thank you Vikki. I’ll update my Facebook post accordingly.


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      Yay!! Thanks @VikkiHDF …. So many of the true reds I want to have at least a half hank because you can’t have too many red samplers!! 😁

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