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@ggggaea, correct, there is no requirement to purchase the minis in order to get the solid micros.

From now on, there will be two ways to get the Floss of the Month (FOTM) colors, both the solid and variegated listings.

1) Purchase the set of the micros (8.7 yards, same as a skein of DMC) through the Shop, Silk Floss section, for $25.

2) Purchase the colors individually in minis, either 25 yards of six-stranded silk or 150 yards of single-stranded silk, through the Mini Forum. Each mini is $8 and you can purchase as many minis of a color as you wish. You make the commitment to your purchases (so Vikki knows how much to dye) in the Mini Forum in the two week period before the FOTM gets listed in the Shop, which is why you haven’t seen the solid colors in the Shop yet.

The three solid colors for the October FOTM (Attar of Roses, Kail, Yellow Spice) closed in the Mini Forum today. Vikki will dye them tomorrow and you should see the October FOTM sets of micros available for purchase in the Shop later this week, in the same place where the current Variegated FOTM (Rubbed) colors are listed.

Tonight I posted the 10 Rubbed colors that make up the October Variegated FOTM in the Mini Forum. They will stay there until the 11th of October for people to order. Then, Vikki will close the posts and dye both the FOTM and the forum calls together. After that, the October variegated FOTM (the colors I posted tonight) will appear in the shop as a set of micros for $25.

I hope that makes sense.


-Heather Keiko