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@sims, back in the summer of 2013, I had floated the idea of extending the Rubbed color line to Vikki because it was such a lovely concept, and the colors were just so scrumptious. So we started playing: we would pick a name, choose the components, Vikki would dye it in SSF, and if she was satisfied that the resulting color fitted her criterion for Rubbed, it became part of the line. For Chocolate Brown, we tried two versions, and she was happy with both. We couldn’t decide which one to toss out, so they became versions 1 and 2.

We were crazed that summer. When the dye pots had settled, we had a total of 60 colors in the Rubbed line – not including 4 “failed” colors, which were quite exquisite, never mind that they failed the Rubbed test.

Veena (is ready for Sim’s next question – lol)