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So interesting to hear the journey through the years of dying. I swear I have no clue why some wash their pieces while using hand dyed fibers.🙄 I will never, but mine are never dirty. I treat them like gold.
I found out about Vikki’s silks through asking stitchers what color they used on a certain piece. Always the same answer…HDF silk name ‘XXX’?? Can’t get it anymore; she stopped dying. Got really infuriating because the colors were/are amazing!!

I do agree @lyarrow that the prices are much better and you can buy in a higher quantity without goofed up dye lots.

Also….I can’t believe @sims, that you were NOT around when she was dying?? Dang girl! Did you surgically hunt the boards for resales??? 😂 Good work!
So now I’m here and hubby has been warned I intend to buy so no worries there. 🤣🤣