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Lots of those old colors got renamed into color families when I reformulated.
When I first started over 22 years ago. I was using the same acid dyes and dye mixes as everyone else. Then some woman washed her stitched piece and it ran and I was mortified. She brings it up every time she sees me anywhere so I’m sure you can find the piece. I did an enormous amount of dye research and decided, though it would be very difficult, to switch over to the Lanaset dyes. They’re incredibly lightfast and colorfast, past any other acid dyes that exist. They’re not only higher rated, but they’re rated at higher temperatures than the acid dyes. And since I was destroying my entire old line to go with an archival quality dye (which no one else does! and anther reason I can do those crazy reds I do) I figured I’d do all the DMC colors in silk. Cause I mean why not? I bought a photo spectrophotometer and started. First I bought only pure dye colors, no mixes of which there are like 13. Then I went about recreating from only those 13 colors. And I wept and tore my hair out and wept some more because….
You start by shooting the light value of the DMC color, using a LaB scale. Then you start making your dye recipe to recreate that color. Trial and error, over and over till you recreate the dye that makes that color and then when it’s darkened and lightened it continues the family and doesn’t skew one way or the other… LOTS of the DMC color runs are not a single recipe, but are a few of one color and then a few of another. I think they do that to make it more difficult to recreate. But I digress…

And that’s why I can’t do some of those old colors in that exact way. Over the years those dye mixes made by other companies get retired and they get different pures etc etc where my way I’ve never had to worry about being strapped to one dye supplier. Not to mention my dyes are archival (rated to over 100 years) and more lightfast and colorfast than anyone else’s.

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