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@donnatl82, @cristing, there are two ways to post pictures:

1) Upload directly from your phone or computer using the Upload Attachments box below the post window. Photos need to be 512KB or less. When posting from your phone, click on Choose File, select Photo Library, and select your photo. At the bottom of your phone, an option pops up to Choose Image Size. Select Medium or Small (either will work). Click Done. You will see the image attachment. To add a second photo, select Add another file (below the Choose File button) and repeat.

2) Take a screenshot of the photo and upload it. This seems to be the easiest way to dral with the size issue.

3) If you have photos on your blog or some other website that are already 512kb or less, you can insert the photo directly into the body of the post rather than as an attachment. To do this, copy the url of the photo on your blog/website. Choose IMG in the top bar of the post window. A pop-up will appear asking for the URL. Paste the URL. This will insert the image into your post. I use this second option, that is why you see my pics within my post itself.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you run into more issues.


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